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Towards Violence Free Homes (TVFH)

Towards Violence Free Homes or TVFH is a core program of the Coalition of Muslim Women of KW that addresses gender-based violence (GBV) among Waterloo Region racialized Muslim women and their families.

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TVFH is a culturally integrative, multilingual, GBV-focused outreach and support program in Waterloo Region. TVFH fills a crucial gap in local GBV services by reaching out to very isolated women and providing them with information and connections in their language and cultural communities. The aim is to empower isolated Muslim women and their families with knowledge, skills, information, connections, and resources to effectively respond to family violence situations involving spouses and/or parents and teens.

We provide our TVFH services through community support workers (CSWs) that speak different languages. The CSWs conduct community education sessions and awareness-raising activities around violence and abuse in families. Women and families not only learn new ways to prevent and navigate conflict but also benefit from family mediation and conflict coaching services.

TVFH programming also engages men and youth to work toward violence and abuse free homes. Giving men and youth a deeper understanding of the implications of GBV on their homes and the community at-large helps them become allies. Everyone working together is crucial to TVFH’s work in addressing GBV.

Our CSWs have successfully built trusting relationships within their communities, resulting in a continuous increase in referrals for CMW.

TVFH provides multilingual, culturally responsive resources to women experiencing domestic abuse in Waterloo Region.

  • We give women legal resources
    We connect women with the right shelters
  • We provide culturally responsive counselling
  • We assist women in finding financial support
  • We arrange for translation services in diverse languages…and more!

Talk to one of our multilingual community support workers (CSWs) to access culturally appropriate resources in your language.

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