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Tea and Tales with Muslim Women

Tea and Tales with Muslim Women, is an interactive and educational travelling show which employs art, entertainment and dialogue to build bridges of understanding between Muslim women and the larger community.

“Tea and Tales with Muslim Women” offers three ways of engaging and educating the audience:

  1. An interactive presentation introducing the audience to some basic facts about Muslim women including information about hijab (headscarf)
  2. Culture Café: Muslim women from diverse backgrounds who have made KW their home host candid and meaningful conversations over a cup of traditional coffee of tea and treats from their country / culture of origin. Swap stories, ask questions, be part of each other’s’ life journeys
  3. Windows to the Glorious Past: Learn about accomplished Muslim women from distant and more recent history who have been celebrated as change agents in their respective societies through theatrical enactments

To book a Tea and Tales with Muslim Women show, please email