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Anti-Islamophobia Trainings

All Together Against Islamophobia programming is based on the principle of actively addressing and countering Islamophobia through direct public interaction, enhancing education and awareness around the causes and impact of racism, systemic racism and/or hate.

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Similarly, our anti-Islamophobia trainings have been developed with the direct involvement of racialized Muslim communities. The trainings, developed in-house and informed by lived experiences and research, are grounded in action, and propel change through frameworks at individual and systemic levels.

The anti-Islamophobia training helps organizations, municipalities, and corporations develop individual and systemic frameworks addressing hate and discrimination that racialized Muslim women experience due to their intersectionality.

Our anti-Islamophobia trainings have been well received in Waterloo Region, with a high demand for these trainings beyond WR. Fulfilling the need beyond WR requires an increase in capacity and standardization of training materials, so trainers from diverse cultural backgrounds can easily use the materials to provide this training, in effect creating a dominoes effect of training.

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