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Youth Programming

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The Safe Spaces Initiative aims to help young Muslims realize their potential by empowering them through providing a comfortable space where they can grow spiritually, personally, and mentally. Young people often feel torn balancing their identities, especially considering today’s increasingly hostile climate. Through a mentor led program, we will provide Muslim youth with a culturally sensitive, inclusive, and open space where dialogue around concerns, current issues, and other topics can be fostered. Topics such as leadership, empowerment, and more, will be addressed through open discussion, workshops, and various initiatives. The Safe Spaces Initiative seeks to build a judgement-free community for young people. The program also will integrate a social component to connect and meet others. The Safe Spaces Initiative hopes to be an outlet for youth where they can be provided with the tools to flourish as their best selves.

Please contact Sarah Shafiq at sarah.shafiq or 519-576-0540 ext. 3563 for more information on the The Safe Space Initiative.